The Oviyan Studio
Case Overview

Cult Bike is on a mission to help people take their fitness journeys to the next level. We believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable exercise equipment for an at-home workout – no matter your budget or lifestyle! With our new bike at Rs.49,900 we’re giving you exactly that: flexibility and affordability right in your own home. Our aim with this creative campaign is simple – create engaging content focused around how individuals can stay connected while taking part in activities from the comfort of their homes without compromising on safety standards or having heavy financial implications.

Scope of Work
  • Social Media
  • Performance Marketing
  • Landing Page

Cult Bike
(Partnered with TVA)

Case Goal

Leveraging the latest social media platforms such as Instagram Stories & YouTube videos; both B2B and B2C users will be exposed visually through distinct stories told by Cult Bike’s found himself who are passionate about biking just like cult itself!. Being interactive, these influencers would prompt viewers seeking more details regarding product specs etc, to click onto our quick landing page customized specifically towards them along for selling experience. Together we want/are aspiring together build true trailblazers of modern cycling culture!