The Oviyan Studio
Case Overview

Boomlet is a revolutionary influencer marketing platform, connecting brands to an expansive network of creative professionals and micro-influencers. Our mission is twofold: give creative individuals the freedom they need to express themselves without limits; while also giving marketers the ability to amplify their message through trusted voices in engaging content formats.

  • UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Boomlet Media

Case Goal

It’s our goal with this website design project to create something that captures both sides of this equation – providing reasonable space for self-expression and professional pointers on what works best for mutually beneficial partnerships between influencers and brands. We want potential influencers/brands visiting the site a portal into who we are as a brand — showcasing entertaining stories through beautiful visuals all couched in informative descriptions that makes it easy understand precisely why Boomlet sets itself apart. Needless to say, “WOW!” factor must be high given such fierce competition in today’s crowded fields!